St. Joseph in lockdown

South Africa’s president has ordered a lockdown of the country because of the spreading of the corona virus. St, Joseph Child & Youth Care Centre is trying its best to handle the situation.

The lockdown will be in effect from March 27th to April 16th, until after Easter. During that time, our careworkers and other staff – who work in weekly shifts – will be staying in the childrens home 24 hours a day. They will take care of the children, play, eat, sleep and pray with them during this crisis. In terms of hygiene and sanitizing, we take every measure to prevent our children and staff from infection. The Holy Childhood Sisters will be staying in the next-door convent, our office staff will work from home if possible. We are stocked with food, and we are praying for this national crisis to pass as soon as possible. Unfortunately, our volunteers from overseas have been called back by their national governments due to the crisis. We wish them all the best for the future and pray for their safe return.


Text/Photos: ds, GovernmentZA

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