Our new cook

We are happy for having a new staff member who is cooking for our children as part of our St. Joseph’s family.

After more than 20 years of service in the Mbongolwane Mission, “Mam Mzimela” has now retired as our Cook. Fortunately we have managed to find someone to replace her. Gugu Mzobe has been employed as the new Cook. She resides not too far from the children’s Home. Years ago she did a cooking course in Durban and also did her practicals there. This qualification made her more suitable for the job. Gugu starts work in the morning, cooks lunch for our toddler and does the cleaning in the kitchen and dining room. She then later makes porridge for all the children when they are back from school and starts the pots for supper. “ Cooking for 33 children is a piece of cake for me because I am used to cooking for more people and with huge pots since I come from a big family” , said Gugu. She also expressed that she is happy with her new job. We as well as the family of St. Joseph CYCC are pleased to have and we are hoping she will introduce new ideas and dishes in our kitchen.

Text by: Sr. Maria Machi

Photos by: Sr. Faith Myende




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