27. May 2016




Our activities and programs

  • Childrens’ meeting

    Every sunday all our kids from the age of four come together with an adult – and get a chance to talk freely. How was my week? Do I feel good? What do I need? Do I wish a change in my daily routine?  We encourage our children to speak up their mind and find solutions together.

  • Family reunification

    If the biological parents are known, we encourage them to come to us and spend limited periods of time with their children, where they are closely monitored. A reunification within the biological family is often the overall goal of social workers in the field. At the moment, we are in the process of building extra room for these encounters, so that families can spend a night together in privacy and at the same time remain on St. Joseph’s premises.

  • Therapeutic sessions

    We offer therapeutic sessions and give our children the opportunity to express their feelings. For example, this takes place in painting, educational sessions or discussion groups. Unfortunately, we can’t afford professional psychological counsel for the children at the moment (see Urgent Needs)

  • After School Project “My Computer”

    We recently started an After School Project, where local children get in touch with computers, often for the first time in their lives. At the moment, we plan to expand that program to the older children of St. Joseph CYCC, in order to give them access to modern technology.

  • Garden Project “My food”

    Planting flowers and vegetables and watching them grow helps children understand where food comes from – and they provide healthy meals as well. We believe that the responsibility for plants and vegetables also provides a therapeutic use for our protéges.

  • Sports Day

    Every friday, one of the careworkers is in charge of Sports Day. He encourages our children – from preschool to junior school – to play soccer or netball and use facilities like our trampoline or the playground.

  • Outings & Trips

    We try to offer outings and trips to our children on a regular basis. Examples are organising a fun day in another city, excursions to the ocean or visiting a children’s show in Durban.

  • Traditional dancing & singing

    Singing and dancing is a very important part of the Zulu culture. We encourage our children to learn and perform traditional Zulu dances – and give them the chance to show their skills to visitors.

…and many more