The Rising of Christ

The Easter days were a lot of fun for the children this year.  They prepared for many hours, celebrated the risen lord in church and went on an Easter hunt in the garden.

With the help of our volunteers, the St. Joseph children prepared painted Easter eggs in the weeks before the celebration. The colourful eggs were used to decorate the children’s home – and the kids had a lot of fun making them. “For many of the children, it was the first time to decorate eggs for Easter”, said volunteer Katharina. “They had a lot of fun crafting and drawing them.” On Easter Saturday, all our children went on an Easter hunt to find a few chocolate eggs and sweets. On Sunday, the Knights of da Gama visited St. Joseph to celebrate with the boys and girls, as they do every Easter and Christmas. The Easter break was a busy one this year! Still, the kids had many opportunities to celebrate and learn about the Rising of Christ – in church and at home.

Text/Photos: ds/kt

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