Siyabonga SASTA

The South African Sugar Technologists’ Association (SASTA) has donated a R20000 cheque to St. Joseph CYCC. Staff and children are truly grateful for their generosity.

Two ladies, Dr. Samita Ramgareeb and Ruth Rhodes came all the way from Durban and Eshowe to present our children with a R20 000 cheque at St. Joseph, donated by the South African Sugar Technologists’ Association. Dr. Ramgareeb is a member of SASRI ( South African Sugarcane Research Institute), while Mrs. Rhodes is an ex-colleague of that company, now taking care of her farm in Eshowe. They both belong to SASTA. Each year the members of this association come together for a conference to discuss their findings and experiences of the growing of sugarcane. Due to Covid 19 restrictions, the conference could only take place as an online event. During the meetings, it was decided that a donation for charity projects should be given. St. Joseph CYCC was nominated and the whole association supported this idea. They were all happy to donate a generous amount of R 20.000 to our children’s home to support the daily work in the children’s home.

During the handover of the big cheque, staff and children presented a short programme and expressed their gratitude to the donors. “We are truly blessed as St. Joseph and we cannot thank you enough”, said Center Manager Sr. Assumpta Hadebe. Dr. Ramgareeb also shared the interesting work they do as researchers of SASRI. Sr. Marwiga gave a brief history of how the children’s home started 33 years ago – and how every donation the NGO receives helps the daily work at St. Joseph. The children sang and danced for our special guests to show them how thankful they were. Afterwards the children had cake and some treats that were brought by Dr. Ramgareeb and Mrs. Rhodes. This was the most favourite part of the day for our children!

We are truly grateful for this big donation and we pray that God blesses and rewards our donors and their families.

Text and Photos by: Sr. Maria Machi

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