Saying farewell

For six years, a development worker from Germany supported St. Joseph’s team – and our beautiful children. Management and staff are very sad to see her contract ending.

Julia and her family arrived in South Africa six years ago in 2015. The Holy Childhood Sisters, owners of St. Joseph CYCC, had reached out to the German organization AGIAMONDO for support; this organization provides specialist workers from overseas to help and develop skills in many developing countries worldwide. Julia came as a pedagogic specialist to train St. Joseph staff, start projects with the children and support management in building and improving the NGO as a whole. From day one, Julia and her husband Daniel started their work with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm – and over time they became an important part of the daily work in the children’s home. “Julia has become a member of our family”, says Sr. Assumpta Hadebe, central manager of St. Joseph. “We are very thankful for her work and dedication over the years.”

Julia started a great number of initiatives in St. Joseph over the years. She brought in her knowledge in Early Childhood Development, supported and trained the careworkers, restructured teams and working hours and started funding initiatives with the National Lottery and other donors. Over the years, starting a fundraising department became one of Julia’s most important tasks. She secured support from local retailers like Pick’n’Pay, but also international donors. One of her biggest projects was securing the funding for the new solar system at St. Joseph, which was built in 2020.

The farewell function, held in St. Joseph CYCC, was a day of mixed feelings for everyone. “Today we are celebrating, but we are celebrating with a sad heart”, said Sr. Assumpta Hadebe. Still, the day was a big success. Management, staff and Julia herself gave great speeches, while children showed their singing and dancing skills in the big hall. A special thank you goes out to our Senior Care Worker Zodwa, who presented and moderated during the day – and to the kitchen staff, who helped prepare a feast for everybody involved.

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