New changes

The care workers finally have their own spokesperson who will stand up for them in the board.

Recently there was a new change in the board of directors of St. Joseph CYCC. It was realized that there is a great need to have a care worker in the board to be a representative of the staff. For the past years it has always been the social worker who played this role. However there are cases where this cannot work simply because the social worker’s main role is to advocate for the children, this then would leave the care worker with no representative which is not fair.

The board then called the care workers for a meeting to nominate and vote for a person among them who would be their spokesperson. The voting was done using a paper ballot and the care worker who had the most votes was Lungelo. From now onwards she will be attending board meetings and will be representing the care workers in cases.

Text: Sr. Maria Machi

Photos: Julia Scharnagl


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