Annual General Meeting of St. Joseph CYCC

The board of St. Joseph CYCC as well as friends and stakeholders came together for the Annual General Meeting (AGM). It was a vibrant event at the end of a challenging year 2020.

The AGM was held under strict safety measures and Covid-19 regulations. After commencing the meeting in prayer, Centre Manager Sr. Assumpta Hadebe gave an overview of the challenges St. Joseph faced during the Corona pandemic – and the steps that have been taken to prevent the virus from children and staff in St. Joseph. Over months, office staff was working from home, while ground staff (including careworkers) was asked to stay within the premises of the centre to avoid outside contact. Children were homeschooled over a long period of time, and visitations and gatherings of any sort were prohibited. All measurements were taken in close collaboration with the Department of Social Development (DSD) and professional health workers from Mbongolwane Hospital.

Educational programs and new partnerships

A representative from the auditors of St. Joseph, C&H Accounting, gave the financial report. Although it has been a challenging year in terms of funds for the children’s home, the financial statements were all in order and adopted by the board. Chairperson Sr. Teressa Zungu gave a short report, and social worker Zanele Dube spoke about the programs, that were provided despite Covid-19 limitations. Among those were social and life skills for the children, educational programs and health care. Also, relationships with various organizations have been built, for example the Child line from the Department of Health in Eshowe, Teenagers Youth Health South Africa (TYHSA) and local organizations Phepisa and Nhliziyonye, who work in child care as well.

Jerusalema Dance

The new Senior Care Worker provided small ice-breaker games in between official the official agenda, which made the AGM 2020 a vibrant event and a success for everyone involved. The meeting was closed when everyone present joined in for the world-famous “Jerusalema“-Dance. South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has urged the whole country to perform the dance as a symbol of resilience amidst the Corona pandemic.

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