Solar for St. Joseph

This week marks the beginning of a crowdfunding campaign for St. Joseph CYCC. Our goal is to raise money for a solar system for our children´s home.

For more than 30 years, St. Joseph has been a safe haven for disadvantaged children, who can’t live with their families any more. This week marks the beginning of a new project with great importance for the future of St. Joseph. We are raising funds for a solar system to become independent from ESKOM and to join the fight against climate change. Our campaign is available online under

Electricity costs have increased significantly over the last two years. In some months, we had to lay other expenses aside just to be able to pay the ESKOM bill! Still, the power supply has not been consistent for years, as ESKOM has repeatedly implemented Load Shedding (planned outings nationwide to save energy). Implementing a solar system for St. Joseph will also allow us to join the fight against climate change and reduce our ecological footprint. And the rural area of Mbongolwane offers great conditions for generating solar energy.

„Electricity costs have exploded over the last years“, says Center Manager Sr. Assumpta Hadebe, „and we want to join the global fight against climate change. This is why we are trying to raise funds for a solar system for St. Joseph.“

We need your help! Please support St. Joseph and donate money for our crowdfunding campaign under  Every small donation makes a big difference!

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