„Long lasting relationship“

As an NGO depending on donations St. Joseph is always on a tight budget. That is why we try to look for local donors in order to help sustain the daily needs of the institution.

For example we try to source food from local supermarkets or clothes from local organizations. Just recently Miss Julia Scharnagl, the development worker of our children’s home tries to strengthen the connection between St. Joseph CYCC and Holy Childhood School. The school is situated in Eshowe (about one hour drive from our children’s home) and was also established by the Holy Childhood Sisters. Once every term the Holy Childhood School children get to come in casual clothes instead of school uniforms. This is called Civvies day. In order to participate the children must contribute something for a good cause. In some cases, they contribute cat/dog food for the local animal shelter, or money to be given to the needy. The last civvies day the learners brought in food for our Children’s Home. For example: canned food, rice, noodles and other non-perishable food. The parcels were taken to our children’s home in Mbongolwane. “We are hoping that this is a start of a long-lasting on-going relation between the two institutions”, said Miss Julia Scharnagl. “The St. Joseph family is grateful to the Holy Childhood School for their generous donation.”

Text by: Sr. Maria Machi

Photos by: Daniel Scharnagl






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