Full house in St. Joseph

The year 2022 started with busy and exciting times for our children’s home in Mbongolwane. Five new children have joined the St. Joseph family.

Staff and children have welcomed five new members to the St. Joseph family in 2022. All of them are siblings: Two sets of twins and their older brother arrived and have settled in our daily routine very nicely. In total, 32 children are now under the care of our staff in the children’s home, ensuring a full house at St. Joseph – our maximum capacity usually is 30 children. Whilst in our care, we provide schooling, regular meals and many extracurricular activities for the girls and boys between 0 and 12 years,  dependent on the individual needs of every child we have taken under our wing. 21 children are educated at our partner school, Thembalesizwe Primary, in Mbongolwane. We arrange transport to and from school and support the children in their learning. Six children are visiting our very own Antonia-Werr-Crèche on the premises of the Mbongolwane Mission. Five toddlers are being cared for 24 hours a day in St. Joseph CYCC. All of the children are looked after by our trained careworkers, their upbringing based on the principals of Catholic faith and our Mission Statement: We aim to provide a holistic care for children in need, to rear and educate them to the best of their abilities. Most importantly, we ensure a loving environment for their souls, while providing them with a good education and preserving their cultural roots in the Zululand region.

At the moment, the children are preparing for the Easter festivities and looking forward to the holidays in the weeks before. We have several activities planned to make them smile – from Zulu dancing classes to field trips and the start of an exciting partnership program with a school in Germany.

Text/Photos: ds/V. Sutherland

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