Computer project

In 2016 we started a computer project for children and teenagers in Mbongolwane. The aim was to uplift the youngsters with basic computer skills. We bought five laptops and had a room set up just for this project.

Over the years, more than 80 children and young adults from the rural community of Mbongolwane have finished the course successfully.

The course usually takes three to six months depending on the grasping of the students. We teach them to work with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Internet and other basics that one needs when working with the computer. At the moment, we are teaching a group of ten children from the age of 9 to 13. Four of these children live at St. Joseph Children’s Home.

The classes take place every Thursday after school and last between one hour and 90 minutes. We create exercises in a way that the children could enjoy and have fun with – for example things such as their favourite artists, movies, music etc.  Towards the end of the lesson we let them play games and videos.

The children always look forward to coming for lessons. „It is so rewarding to see how far they have come“, says Sr. Maria, co-teacher of the project. „Most of them have never been exposed to computers before, but it is amazing how many things they can do all by themselves now.“ 

Text: Sr. Maria Machi, Photos: ds

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