Celebrating St. Joseph

The family of St. Joseph CYCC stood in prayer as they celebrated the feast of their patron saint.

In March the children together with the staff and Holy Childhood Sisters celebrated the feast day of St. Joseph the patron saint of the children’s home. Before the big day the children made sure that the statue of St. Joseph was spick and span. They then placed a big board written: St. Joseph, pray for us which they had decorated with colourful flowers on the day. All the children walked to the statue outside in a beautiful procession. They were singing together, and each child put a flower in front of St. Joseph followed by a prayer. Everyone then proceeded to the hall where all the children together with care workers had an entertainment session. Sr. Marwiga shared her thoughts of what kind of person St. Joseph was as there is not much said about him in the Bible.

Afterwards they all enjoyed delicious food and cake. To end the celebration the children played on the jumping castle out in the hot sun. It was a day to remember for children and staff of St. Joseph.

Text by: Sr. Maria Machi

Photos by: Julia Scharnagl


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